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We are team who is ready to take counsel together to solve any problem for your pets health and joy of living. Doc Maris Aboltins-Abolins and doc Ilze Sirante are working together 9 years and this is indicative of friendly and helpful staff.

Maris Aboltins-Abolins

Doctor Maris Aboltins-Abolins is clinic manager, holder and doctor with great experience. He regulary elevates his competition at several seminars and workshops. He started his practice in 1990, he sterted his practice Jurmala and in 1994 he started his private practice in his veterinary clinic Dekstra.

Ilze Sirante

Doctor Ilze Sirante after graduating from the 6 year diploma program at the Latvian Agriculture Academy in 1995 is still working in clinic Dekstra. She has also have practice at Uelcena and Hanover veterinary clinic in Germeny and at Milano small pet clinic in Italy. According with her work at clinic Dekstra she is taking active part in TV show about small animals care.

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